Independent Book Shops

March 31, 2011

There’s an amazing Canadidan independent book shop to be discovered and explored. Here’s the beautiful quirk….you have to visit in person. The owner maintains no Internet presence.


Photography workshop

March 14, 2011

Photography Workshop: storytelling with your images

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to get those shots you see in your favorite magazine or newspaper, this is your opportunity. I’ll be offering a photography workshop in May 2011. The workshop will be called On The Street.

We’ll look at the Zen and Tao of photography, how to work in low light, bright light, with flash or no flash, indoor and outdoor photography, using a photojournalism approach, how to deal with fast action, taming weird lighting situations, capturing the passion of the moment and becoming intuitive and creative in your work.

We’ll start off in the classroom and then move out onto the street for guided experiences in being/doing. The workshop will end back in the classroom for questions, comments and sharing. The workshop will be held in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. To sign up, contact